Cutter – 25
Tape sticking machine-4
Wood Board-5
Painting Stand -20
Coin Temple
Dummy Face
Wax Model of Decorative Items


Newton’s coiling law apparatus
Prism 50 X50
Resistance box 1-800
Thermometer 110c
Lens Concave/convex
Lead accumulator
Ammeter DC with stand
Voltmeter with stand
Galvanometer (30-0-30)
Bob set pendulum
Bar magnet
Lac lanche cell
Daniel Cell
Thermometer maximum & minimum


Dynamo Model Study Of Laboratory Instrument/Equipment
Vernier Calipers, Prism, Screw Gauge
A.C Generator- Structure And Mechanism
D.C Generator- Structure And Mechanism
Electro Magnetic Mechanism
Linear Path Of Sun Light Ray
Law Of Viscosity
Newton’s Law


1 Rajasthan Patrika
2. Dainik Bhaskar
3. Hindustan Times
4. Times of India
5. DNA


List of Journal
1. India Today weekly magazine
2. Grah Shobha monthly magazine
3. Education in 21st century education encyclopedia
4. Shivira
6. Shaitya chandrika
7. India Education Abstruse
8. Indian Modern Education
9. Indian Education Review
10. Journal of Indian Education
11. Experiments in Education
12. Fourth All India Educational Survey
13. School Science


Facilities for Language Learning
1. Pointer
2. Magazines
3. Educational C.D.
4. Educational Cassette
5. Blank C.D.
5. Blank Cassette
6. Lock and Say Cards
7. Tracing Paper
8. Drawing Sheet
9. Water Colour
10. Roller Board
11. Chart Story
12. Chart Grammar English
13. Chart Grammar Hindi


1.Indoor Games
a. Chess
b. Caroms
c. Badminton
d. Table Tennis


2 Outdoor Games
a. Volleyball
b. Handball
c. Kho-kho
d. Kabaddi
e. Basket Ball

Details of Psychological Tests and Equipments
Psychological Equipments
Muller Layer Illusion Apparatus
Memory Drum
Mirror Drawing Apparatus
Finger Maze
Human Maze
Bhatia Battery Performance test of Intelligence
Finger Dexterity Boards
Attention Board
Galton Bar
Koh’s Block design test of Intelligence