Director’s Message

director-msgAspiring Students & Dear Parents,
Neelam T.T. College was established in 2008 with the mission Village Education empowerment through technical value based quality education with an aim of proper training and holistic personality development of the students. I understand that this is required for students to make full use of the challenges and opportunities of both, personal and professional lives, so as to prove their worth in society only then they will able to successfully perform the responsibility, which they would be assigned in the times to come. Here, students are groomed as holistic individuals. This is done through a pursuit of excellence in every area of grooming—Academic, Team Work, Leadership, Communication, Analysis, Entrepreneurship and Personality Development.

Neelam T.T. College draws its students from all parts of the country . Thus, the students are exposed to varied cultures of different states. This truly makes it a mini India. This culture enrichment enhances the ability of our students to be placed in any part of the country and abroad.

I look forward to having you as a part of our system and urge you to taste the ethnic flavor and essence of these invincible efforts.

Amar Singh